Casey Carpenter, business coach, speaker, and author, founded The Sales Breakthrough Coach for organizations that want to exponentially improve their sales, communication and leadership skills, and close more deals.

Her clients call her the “sales confidence mentor.” Her customized sales programs focus on empowering women business owners and executives to stand in their power and ask for what they deserve, and to take a leadership role representing the face of their businesses.

Having been bullied; as well as battled shyness, introversion, and low self-esteem, Casey focuses on assertive behaviors such as rebooting sales confidence, and teaching clients to “flex their ask muscles! ™” Her proprietary seven-step sales system, RESULTS™, serves as a sales call GPS for those who need a step-by-step guide to leading sales calls that rock.

Active in her local Chambers of Commerce, and a Board member of the National Speakers Association, New York City Chapter, Casey recently joined the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business coaches.

An introverted, shy wallflower turned dynamic business-builder, Casey knows this: Anyone can improve their sales skills with the right training and the right mentor.